Vaccinium ovatum Morris


(Vaccinium ovatum)


We developed the Moris® cultivar from a historical collection originating in Oregon. It is a wild plant directly derived from North American nature. This variety was chosen for its “big fruit”, which are similar in size to wild blueberries. Their slight grittiness indicates a very high level of anthocyanins. It is an ornamental, upright and slightly open bush. Its stems can soar up to 2 meters in height and have beautiful coppery ends. It blooms with very fine white flowers and has evergreen foliage. Its small leaves, resembling myrtle, are often used as florists’ spray.

A very original heather plant that likes both the shade and the sun, in temperate climates.

Lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-ideae) Red Pearl


(Vaccinium vitis-ideae)

Red Pearl

A very ornamental, erect, compact and vigorous variety which can grow to up to 30 cm high. Its relatively large berries are red when ripe, offering a beautiful contrast with the deep green foliage. Red Pearl is a robust, evergreen variety, suitable for those seeking a nice, not too big ornamental bush. Although not reputed for its fruit, it nonetheless bears very characteristic lingonberries.

Cranberries Vaccinium Macrocarpon Pilgrim


(Vaccinium macrocarpon)


A very vigorous, creeping plant. Its large red fruits, known as cranberries, are especially popular in North America. With regular pruning, it is possible to maintain a more or less upright bush. This is a significant advantage compared with other varieties, as plants can be kept more easily separated from one another.