Boutures juvéniles

Rooted cuttings

Grown in cells of 26 cc, our vegetal material originates from mother micro plants that produce a large quantity of homogeneous and vigorous micro cuttings. From a cutting re-potted in June, a 1 litre plant can easily be obtained in the same year (in Angers, France).

Pot de 9 cm

P9 (9 cm pot)

Destined for nursery gardeners, the P9 can be re-potted in containers of 2 or 3 litres.

For mail-order nurseries, this ready-to-plant product offers an economic solution thanks to its small size and weight.

Pot de 1 litre

1 litre pot

The 1 litre plant (11 x 11 x 12 cm) is a finished plant that can be resold directly, or re-potted in a larger container (>4 litres).

Conteneur de 2 litres

2 litre container

Destined essentially for resale and for professionals not wishing to grow plants themselves because of the specific needs of Ericaceae. Ideal for fruit farmers wishing to produce a small-fruit range. Please contact us for custom developments.

Conteneur de 4 litres

4 litre container

This is a finished plant destined for a premium clientele. Outside of custom orders, our stocks are generally quite limited.