We are delighted  to commercialise new varieties of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries through a licensing agreement with EmcoCal.

Here is a small overview:

‘Mini Blue’ is a new Vaccinium corymbosum L., developed by plant breeder, Dr. Chad Finn (USDA) in Corvallis, Oregon. Fruits are small,


have excellent flavour and firmness and are well suited to the fruit processing industry on a vigorous, upright bush. Chill Requirement: 1000 Hours Per Year
‘Mini Blue’ is very productive and has shown no symptoms of fungal or bacterial diseases and no indication of problems with gall midge.


raspberry 'kokanee' fruits

‘Kokanee’, is a new red raspberry cultivar distinguished by its moderate to high yields of large, bright-red-colored, firm, conic, sweet, flavorful fruit with excellent fresh fruit quality borne on primocanes in late summer




 flowering-cluster Blackberry 'halls-beauty'

‘Hall’s Beauty’ is a new blackberry with very large, attractive, multi-petalled flowers, medium to high production of large, very sweet-tasting berries, good firmness and colour, early fruiting and completely thornless.


‘Columbia sunrise’ is a new thornless blackberry that gives medium to high yields of medium sized, very sweet tasting berries with good firmness and earliest ripening.




‘Columbia Giant’ produces extremely large, uniformly shaped berries of great firmness, colour and flavour on vigorous, thornless plants.




‘Galaxy’, this new blackberry ripens early in the season for a semi-erect blackberry, with medium sized, firm, hard-skinned, dark fruits, suitable for the fresh market and very tasty, with a medium to high yield supported by a vigorous semi-erect plant and completely thornless canes.