New varieties 21 March 2023

We are delighted  to commercialise new varieties of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries through a licensing agreement with EmcoCal. Here is a small overview: ‘Mini Blue’ is a new Vaccinium…

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EU certified plants at Multibaies 11 May 2021

Multibaies is proud to be the first specialized blueberry nursery to implement the new EU certification standard for blueberry plants. (Directive 2008/90/EC) This means additional and consistent guarantees for…

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Opening of the website 27 March 2017

Multibaies presents its new website. Simpler, more fluid, more functional, it will meet the expectations of those who are looking for clear and detailed information about our company. Have…

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Pink Lemonade: New pink-fruited variety 24 November 2016

The Pink Lemonade is a new pink-fruited Vaccinium ashei hybrid, from a cross produced by Mark Ehlenfeldt (USDA) in Chatsworth, New Jersey. Fruit are medium sized, bright pink, and…

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