Early varieties

Northern Highbush Sunset Blue


The Sunsetblue® cultivar was developed by PFR (Plant and Food Research), in New Zealand. Fruit are medium to large, with a thick bloom and good flavour. The Sunsetblue® bush is very vigorous and upright with an open growth. Its fruit ripens early, similar to the Duke variety. Tests performed by breeders have shown it to be very productive.

Northern Highbush Duke


This early variety, identified in 1985, has undeniable qualities. The Duke blueberry bush is vigorous and the blooming season starts relatively late. Fruit are light blue, with a good size, and a long shelf life. It is a strong producer and harvest is concentrated during 2-3 weeks. The erect shape of the bush and the firmness of the berries make the Duke variety one of the most suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Northern Highbush Blue One

Blue One®

At last an early variety that rivals Duke! Blue One® is a vigorous shrub, with good-sized fruit of excellent firmness. It produces slightly less than the Duke variety, however its fruit are much more aromatic. It is the variety that we have been waiting for, for a very long time!

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Mid-season varieties

Northern Highbush Bluecrop


Bluecrop is still one of the most commonly planted varieties in the world. It is a relatively vigorous and very erect bush. Fruit are medium to large in size, with a slightly frosted appearance. Ripening is staggered over 5-6 weeks. In Angers (France), it crops about two weeks after the Bluetta variety. Bluecrop is considered to be an excellent mid-season variety and a go-to for high-yield production.

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Mid-late varieties

Northern Highbush Chandler


Chandler is a vigorous, upright bush, and is the variety producing THE largest fruit. Its berries are both flavoursome and very attractive, remaining a good size throughout the harvest. The ripening period is very staggered and several stages of harvesting are required to collect the entire crop. These characteristics make the Chandler blueberry an ideal “pick-your-own” fruit.

Northern Highbush Legacy


The Legacy is an upright and vigorous bush with an open growth. It is a “warm blooded” variety, and only partially loses its leaves in our climate (Angers, France). It has many qualities including a high yield of fruit, which ripens within a short period of time. The berries are medium sized, light blue and have a good quality flavour. The fruit stay very firm, even in periods of hot weather. Their shelf life is one of the best.

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Late varieties

Northern Highbush Elisabeth


The Elisabeth is a vigorous, upright, open bush. It produces good-sized, light blue fruit which is very aromatic. The Elisabeth variety is a late bloomer that we recommend for cold regions.


A vigorous, medium-sized, open bush and very high-yielding variety. Darrow crops one month after the Bluetta variety and harvest is staggered over 6-8 weeks. Fruit flavour is exceptional, although the size of the berries varies during the ripening season; they are very large at the beginning of the harvest, but diminish in size as picking advances.

Hybrid Northern/Southern Highbush Ozarkblue


Ozarkblue® is a “hybrid” cultivar combining characteristics of both the Southern and Northern Highbush. It was developed by the University of Arkansas. It is a versatile variety that can be planted in very different latitudes. The bush is vigorous and hardy, producing large, light blue fruit with top-class flavour. The firmness and shelf life are remarkable for fruit of this size. When planted in the right place, with good cross pollination, Ozarkblue® is a very productive variety.