This selection includes the varieties that we recommend best from within the three main groups:

Northern Highbush

This is our oldest range, essentially composed of Vaccinium corymbosum. Today, it also includes a number of hybrids. This is the case for most of the newer varieties that offer a better Brix or firmness of fruit.

The varieties in this range are suited to oceanic and continental climates. They require over 800 hours of chilling per year.

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Southern Highbush

This is a newer range produced from inter-specific hybrids, in most cases Vaccinium corymbosum hybrids. Chilling needs for these varieties range from zero to very little. Their foliage is semi-persistent. Range recommended for Mediterranean climates with mild winters.

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This is a cousin species (Vaccinium virgatum) that has relatively low chilling needs. Rabbit-eye varieties are late fruiting. The earliest fruiting ones ripen just before the latest fruiting Vaccinium corymbosum. These varieties have the economic benefit of producing for the off-season (September/October) in regions where fruit can ripen sufficiently late without being exposed to too harsh winter frosts.

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