We sell our plants according to root volume because this is the most relevant criterion for assessing the quality of plants. In contrast, a plant’s age is of little relevance. Plants of equal quality can vary greatly in age depending on the place of production, the method of propagation, and on many other reasons.

Plaque alvéolaire pour tray-plants 32 cellules

32-tray plants

A new format that we developed recently to meet the specific needs of producers overseas.
This is the first format of plants that are suitable for direct planting. Don’t be fooled by their small size! We have employed all of our expertise to bring you these small yet very productive plants. Whether shipped by air or road, each plant remains upright during the journey so as to ensure an optimal balance between protection of health, weight, volume and cost of transportation. A deep root ball (11 cm, 300 cc) facilitates the development and irrigation of plantlings.

Pot de 1 litre

1 litre pot (11 x 11 x 12 cm)

Our best-selling format. Particularly suitable for shipping by road. We can load up to 26,000 plants per lorry. Cost of transportation is limited. Can be harvested in the second year after planting. Plants are shipped during their dormancy period.

Conteneur de 2 litres

2 litre container

This format of plant offers a greater root volume. This ensures successful planting and reduces the time to harvest. This is especially true in parts of northern Europe where the vegetative growth period is short.

Conteneur de 4 litres

4 litre container

This format can produce quickly, or under tunnels where overheads are high. We generally stock a more limited quantity of this format, which is why we offer custom production.